Tribunal of the Axe Records started as a beer-soaked idea in April, 2015, at the Roadburn festival in the Netherlands. The idea was simple enough: create a label, issue a record, see what happens...nothing too complicated…just a chance for me, a professional music appreciator, to try my hand at sharing something great with the world.  

I always thought that working behind the scenes to make a record would be cool, but, even after seeing hundreds of bands and meeting loads of people, I had no idea where to start. In fact, I’d never even thought to ask. After all, why would a band ever consider partnering with me, a guy with a load of passion but zero experience? It only took three trips half-way around the world, obscene quantities of beer and the magic of Roadburn to pull the pieces together.

My two great friends from the band Nest from Sweden showed up at Roadburn this year with their debut cd. I loved it and asked about a vinyl issue. They liked the idea but had no plans. I told them I’d do it. They said cool. And that was it. Guess I just had to ask… 

…and then figure out how to make it happen.

Luckily I was at Roadburn, my happy place, a place where the only thing more amazing than the music are the friendships. Over the next three days I met a lot of smart people who shared a lot of smart knowledge. Drew and Pip from Relapse Records were especially gracious and patient, answering my questions and asking some of their own. Did I know anyone in PR? Did I have connections with promoters? How will I get the word out?  Now, with the first LP finished, I realize that I just did the easy part. 

And it took a while. Little did I know that the overwhelming demand for vinyl has the world’s remaining pressing plants working over-time. Five months after submitting the master, the Nest LP arrived last week. The time has come to spread the word. 

I don’t yet have a plan other than building a website (check it out), a Facebook page (check it out) and saying thanks to everyone who has been so supportive.